About Me

Hi! My name is Ana Bogojevska. I am a stylist, fashion and textile designer, and journalist. Born in Belgrade, now based in Berlin. From 2008 I worked on various projects such as fashion magazines, commercials, music videos and as a stylist for fashion shows. Some of the most important clients were: Telenor, Henkel, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Banca Intesa, M:Tel, Marbo, Fashion Outlet Park and much more. 

2009 I started to work for Grazia magazine, the Serbian edition. I have done many fashion editorials and celebrity shootings and wrote many articles about fashion and design as well as many interviews with celebrities. As a fashion contributor, I also worked for Playboy, Ušće Trend magazine, Fashion & Friends magazine and Diners Club. In 2013 I became fashion editor of Esquire magazine until 2015 when I moved to Berlin. Now I am looking for new opportunities and creative projects.